Lucas won the Australian Pipeline Industry Association’s (APIA) Safety Award for our work on the Bonaparte Gas Pipeline.

Our Management Systems

Our Management Systems
Lucas operates in a highly regulated environment, requiring compliance with a broad set of standards and regulations that are driven by federal and state legislation, as well as specific standards set by industry and our customers. We have a reputation for high standards in occupational health and safety, environment and operations including National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accreditation.
Our company-wide goal is an injury-free workplace. Lucas has  a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHSM) System which has been specifically designed to ensure that stringent environmental and safety practices are applied across all activities and operations. Our management system meets AS/NZ and ISO quality standards. In addition to this accreditation, our Engineering & Construction division has Federal Safety Commission (FSC) and NSW Government Safety acceditation.
A detailed environmental policy applies to all of our projects, sites and related activities. Across the business, we strive to conduct our activities in a manner that protects the environment and drives continual improvement.  Our projects are subject to significant public scrutiny, and therefore diligent environmental standards are critical to sustainable business development.

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