ASX 2006-07

ASX announcements 2006-07

Announcements made to the Australian Stock Exchange by AJ Lucas Group (ASX code AJL) for the financial year 1 July 2006 to 30 June 2007.
Underlined announcements are PDF documents that may be viewed by clicking on the links below.

ASX Announcement - 27th June 2007

Company completes $25 million refinancing
Appendix 3B - issue of convertible securities.
Appendix 3B - issue of employee shares

ASX Announcement - 8th May 2007

Gloucester Basin update

ASX Announcement - 4th May 2007

Ceasing to be a substantial shareholder from CBA

ASX Announcement - 26th April 2007

Change in substantial shareholding from CBA

ASX Announcement - 17th April 2007

Company marks 50th year in business

ASX Announcement - 16th April 2007

Appendix 3B

ASX Announcement - 21st March 2007

Appendix 3B - exercise of management rights

ASX Announcement - 19th March 2007

Change in substantial shareholding from CBA

ASX Announcement - 7th March 2007

Results presentation

ASX Announcement - 28th February 2007

Half year report & half year accounts (to 31 December 2006)

ASX Announcement - 14th February 2007

COI: Operations Update Florence Project USA

ASX Announcement - 13th December 2007

Change of director's interest notices (2)

Appendix 3B - Exercise of Management Rights

ASX Announcement - 29th November 2006

Change of Director's Interest Notice (5)

Appendix 3B: issue of shares and options to directors

ASX Announcement - 27th November 2006

Results of annual general meeting

ASX Announcement - 24th November 2006

Chairman's address to shareholders

ASX Announcement - 2nd November 2006

Annual report

ASX Announcement - 1st November 2006

COI: Strike Oil and AJ Lucas participate in Florence Oilfield

ASX Announcement - 30th October 2006

AGM notice and proxy form

ASX Announcement - 18th October 2006

Appendix 3B

ASX Announcement - 3rd October 2006

Western Corridor recycled water project
TSE's ann: Western Corridor Recycled Water Network
STX ann: US oilfield lease option
COI amended announcement secures oil field in Colorado USA
COI's ann secures oil field in Colorado USA

ASX Announcement - 29th September 2006

Annual report

ASX Announcement - 19th September 2006

Financial results presentation and business update

ASX Announcement - 18th September 2006

Results of general meeting

ASX Announcement - 14th September 2006

Cancellation of management rights
Appendix 3B

ASX Announcement - 13th September 2006

Preliminary final report

ASX Announcement - 16th August 2006

Notice of general meeting re McDermott Drilling

ASX Announcement - 11th August 2006

Business restructuring following McDermott acquisition

ASX Announcement - 1st August 2006

Appendix 3B
Acquisition of McDermott Drilling