ASX 2007-08

ASX announcements 2007-08

Announcements made to the Australian Stock Exchange by AJ Lucas Group (ASX code AJL) for the financial year 1 July 2007 to 30 June 2008.
Underlined announcements are PDF documents that may be viewed by clicking on the links below.

ASX Announcement - 14th May 2008

Appendix 3B – exercise of management rights

ASX Announcement - 30th April 2008

Quarterly activities report for Lucas Energy

ASX Announcement - 26th March 2008

New website launched.

ASX Announcement - 18th March 2008

Coal seam gas presentation delivered by Paul Bilston, general manager of Lucas Energy.

ASX Announcement - 10th March 2008

Drilling update at Arawn in Canada

ASX Announcement - 3rd March 2008

Appendix 3B

ASX Announcement - 25th February 2008

Gloucester Project Receives Initial Reserves Certification
MPO: Gloucester Receives Initial Reserves Certification

ASX Announcement - 22nd February 2008

Presentation to analysts on half year results

ASX Announcement - 21st February 2008

Half yearly report and accounts
Media release regarding half year results

ASX Announcement - 13th February 2008

Form 603 notice of initial substantial holder for SGL

ASX Announcement - 5th February 2008

AJ Lucas completes subscription for shares in Sydney Gas
SGL: Placement raises $17.9 million

ASX Announcement - 31st January 2008

Gloucester Basin Quarterly Activities Update

ASX Announcement - 14th January 2008

Sydney Gas Investment
SGL and AJ Lucas - Heads of Agreement and Appointment of CEO

ASX Announcement - 24th December 2007

Change of Director's Interest Notices
Appendix 3B

ASX Announcement - 21th December 2007

Gloucester Basin Update

ASX Announcement - 20th December 2007

Response to media speculation
SGL: Response to Sydney Morning Herald article

ASX Announcement - 13th December 2007

ESG: Eastern Star Gas contracts drill rig for three years

ASX Announcement - 11th December 2007

Gloucester Basin Update
MPO: PEL 285 Record Flow Achieved Gloucester Basin Project

ASX Announcement - 27th November 2007

Change of director`s interest notice

ASX Announcement - 23rd November 2007

Chairman's address to shareholders
Results of Meeting

ASX Announcement - 31st October 2007

Gloucester Basin Drilling Update
TSE: Western Corridor Recycled Water pipeline alliance agreement

ASX Announcement - 22nd October 2007

Annual Report to shareholders
Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form

ASX Announcement - 15th October 2007

Award of Bonaparte Gas Pipeline

ASX Announcement - 28th September 2007

Full year statutory accounts

ASX Announcement - 14th September 2007

Notice of change of director's interest

ASX Announcement - 13th September 2007

ABN AMRO Morgans Queensland conference presentation

ASX Announcement - 3rd September 2007

Gloucester Basin update (note correction below)
Gloucester Basin JV interest correction
MPO: Drilling starts for Stratford pilot production in PEL2

ASX Announcement - 24th August 2007

Preliminary results for the year ended 30 June 2007.
Results presentation for the year ended 30 June 2007.

ASX Announcement - 20th August 2007

Award of Brooklyn to Lara pipeline contract.

ASX Announcement - 13th August 2007

Acquisition of Capricorn Weston Drilling Group.

ASX Announcement - 31st July 2007

Appendix 3B re deferred consideration for acquisition of McDermott Drilling.