ASX Announcement / Media Release (29 June, 2012):

Operations Update and Earnings Guidance


ASX Announcement / Media Release (8 June, 2012):

Agreement between GAWB, GRC and AJ Lucas


ASX Announcement (31 May, 2012):

Response to Media Articles


ASX Announcement (14 May, 2012):

Recapitalisation Update


ASX Announcement (10 May, 2012):

AJ Lucas European Shale Assets Update


ASX Announcement (17 April, 2012):  

DECC Report on Preese Hall Shale Gas Fracturing Review


ASX Announcement (13 April, 2012):  

Becoming a Substantial Holder


ASX Announcement (29 March, 2012):  

Operations Update and Earnings Guidance


ASX Announcement (29 February, 2012):

Appendix 3Y - Martin Green


ASX Announcement (27 February, 2012):

Entitlement Offer Underwriting Status


ASX Announcement (21 February, 2012):

Completion of Entitlement Offer


ASX Announcement (17 February, 2012):

Trading Halt


ASX Announcement (10 February, 2012):

Appendix 3B - Exercise of Rights


ASX Announcement (18 January, 2012):

Extension of Closing Date for Entitlement Offer


Change of Directors Interests (10 January, 2012):

Appendix 3Y – Martin Green


Non-renounceable Entitlement Offer (29 December, 2011):

Non-renounceable Entitlement Offer letter to Shareholders


Investor Presentation (28 December, 2011):

The Road To Cuadrilla


ASX Announcement (22 December, 2011):

Appendix 3B - Rights Issue
Results of General Meeting


Response to ASX query (2 December, 2011):

Response to ASX query


Change of Director's Interest Notice (30 November, 2011):

Appendix 3Y - Change of Director's Interest Notice


Extraordinary General Meeting:  (22 December, 2011) -   

Chairman's Address
EGM Presentation
Proxy Results


Release of Prospectus: 

AJ Lucas has released a Prospectus today (15 December 2011) with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.



Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting and Explanatory Statement:

ASX Announcement - 18th November, 2011

A copy of the statement can be found here

The proxy form for the EGM meeting to be held on Thursday December 22nd


ASX Announcement - 27th October, 2011

Notice of Annual General Meeting:, to be held on Wednesday November 30, 2011. 


ASX Announcement - 26th October, 2011

AJ Lucas 2011 Annual Report


ASX Announcement - 5th October, 2011

Kerogen become a substantial shareholder for Lucas


ASX Announcement - 30th September, 2011

Appx 3B Kerogen Placement and Cuadrilla Equity Subscription


ASX Announcement - 17th August, 2011

BCI (Building, Construction & Infrastructure Division) Projects update

AJ Lucas' BCI division has secured several project contracts totalling A$ 168.6 million.


ASX Announcement - 12th August, 2011

Cuadrilla Project Update

ASX Announcement - 4th November, 2011

Cuadrilla has released the Geomechanical Study of Bowland Shale.

Major Recapitalisation of the Company:

Company Recapitalisation Update: