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The Bowland Licence ("PEDL 165") covers an area of approximately 1,064km in Lancashire, the United Kingdom. The Elswick Licence ("EXL 269") covers an area of 54.5km , which is fully surrounded by the Bowland Licence. Cuadrilla is the Operator of both licences.

These licences target what the British Geological Survey refers to as the “Bowland Shale” which spans right across the UK from Liverpool in the West to York in the East. This Bowland Shale presents what we see as attractive attributes for ultimate commercialisation as follows:

  • Over 1,000m thickness of shales and associated lithologies identified within the region;

  • Bowland shale can and has been fractured;

  • The shale strata are located several thousand feet below the level of aquifers; 

  • Close to pipeline infrastructure: UK’s extensive pipeline network has potential to facilitate cost efficient distribution of gas produced from the Bowland shale; and

  • Potential for export of excess gas.

Cuadrilla currently has eight sites within these licences, of which one is currently operational. These include:



Cuadrilla's licence holdings are outlined in red.  

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