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Lucas Drilling Projects

BMA - North Goonyella Mine

Purpose: Define seam structure utilising SIS drilling

Project Highlights: 

268 points of interest have been identified, providing valuable data on geological structures
131 Roof and Floor points have been defined
5 contacts critical for identification of a structure have been defined
132 interactions with Upper and Lower marker bands inseam
96.4% geosteered meters intentionally drilled in-seam

Project Description:

20,974m drilling in-seam
2,507m of build section
5 SIS wells successfully completed
10 SIS lateral arms successfully completed

75 days spent drilling inseam

Glencore - Oaky Creek Mine

Purpose: Pre-drainage of longwall blocks 

Project Description: Provide full service offering covering all drilling disciplines and gas drainage management to Glencore, Oaky Creek Mine 

Project Highlights

Drilling and completion of:
 30 exploration holes per month
 8 Vertical wells per month
 2 SIS wells per month (approx 7000-8000m inseam per month)
 Intersection of 4 vertical wells
 12 Goaf holes per month

Preparation of 18 well pads and associated access tracks

40+ rig moves per month

Installation of 3500m casing per month

Installation of 6000m of conduit per month

Installation of surface infrastructure for 4 wells per month

24 hour monitoring and maintenance of over 95 gas wells and pumping facilities

Anglo American - Multiple Mines

Purpose: Provide exploration drilling, gas drainage and mine infrastructure services across multiple mine sites. 

Project Highlights:

  • Flexible delivery matching mine requirements

  • Design and construction of experimental well designs

  • Reduced well costs through drilling efficiencies 

Project Description: 

Completion of:

Goaf Holes
Large Diameter Service Holes
SIS Gas Drainage Programmes
Borehole Design

Exploration Drilling

Arrow Energy - MGP


Purpose: Complete lateral programme in depleted reservoir 

Project Description: 

  • Completion of 13 lateral wells 

Project Highlights: 

  • Work with Arrow to overcome challenges associated with drilling in highly depleted zones; 

  • Solve the challenges of providing well control on 45degree well entry;

  • Conventional MWD steering tools used to achieve desired well path;

  • Proved EM technology can be used within depleted coal seams.

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