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LUCAS is Australia's leader in long-distance pipelines for gas, oil, water, waste water and cabling.

Lucas installs long distance water, gas and slurry pipelines utilizing our world-class expertise in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD).  Our team works in close partnership with our customers in the earliest stages of a project. From engineering and procurement, through to construction and commissioning, our experienced teams and specialist equipment deliver the best possible environmental and community outcomes.


Our project portfolio includes some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects such as Queensland’s Western Corridor Recycled Water Pipeline, where we used micro tunneling and HDD technology to navigate numerous complex crossings of major rivers, motorways and railway lines. In the Northern Territory, we installed 287km of pipeline for the Bonaparte Gas Project, traversing some of Australia’s most remote and challenging country.

For every customer, we strive to deliver leading edge, cost effective solutions.

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